Morgue man "back to life"

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Morgue man "back to life" Empty Morgue man "back to life"

Post  cy7891 on Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:00 am

louis vuitton bags news)Emergency services in southwest England released a report, the agency in the past 3 years there were 62 serious medical errors, of which 34 cases attributed to human error. The most absurd has been declared to be a dead man "back from the dead."

gucci shoes news) According to reports, in 2007, a man by the emergency personnel declared dead after a series of checks, and was transported to the morgue. But suddenly, a nurse found that the man is still breathing, then the man "back to life", the body fully recover. The report found that 23 accidents attributed to equipment failure, there were 34 accidents is human error, including 9 cases of diagnostic errors.

Gucci flat shoes news) In 2008, a severe chest pain patients were medical neglect, separate stairs, and then almost died. Surveillance video showed emergency personnel without any inspection of the patients, did not help either in the case of stair climbing. Emergency services in southwest England, said a doctor on this, this serious only a small proportion of medical malpractice, the probability of less than about three hundred thousandths.

tiffany jewelry)But he also said that the agency is open to encourage employees to report any accident, and immediately investigate the lessons learned.


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