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Life-long unmarried price Empty Life-long unmarried price

Post  cy7891 on Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:23 am

according to cheap coach bags reported that :One study found that single life to have a spouse to spend more than £ 250,000. The singles night life, party and therefore keep the myth shattered.

coach outlet)According to reports, the new study, single and must bear it in full loans, holiday to spend with all bills, single people, life will pay an additional £ 250,000.

The study commissioned by the comparison sites uSwitch, said the researchers compared those who lived alone with his wife's spending, found that single persons living under for such a huge money penalties, and therefore the illusion of the party constantly dashed.

uSwitch Robinson (Ann Robinson) said: "Only 20% of single people believe they have been treated better than the wife."

In the so-called "single tax" (single tax), the largest amount of the stay. People living alone an average of about mortgage or rent payment of £ 7,080, with only common-law partner paid £ 3,804. There are also household bills and local taxes. Living alone are getting some local tax refund, but only 25% back, not fair access and wife cohabitants the same 50%.

ed hardy clothing)The single room hotel prices high, and can not store a large number of procurement, is an additional punishment.

Robinson said: "The people living alone, a lower chance of going out on vacation, and 43% of them do not vacation. You have to spend money on necessities, not fun. For an extra £ 5,000 is a large number of can be used to a lot of fake degrees. "

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