Australian Kangaroo Pet Life is "man"

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Australian Kangaroo Pet Life is "man" Empty Australian Kangaroo Pet Life is "man"

Post  cy7891 on Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:49 am

louis vuitton bags Australia has an unusual Kangaroo: Although it is a woman household pet, but the living is more like an Australian man living an ordinary man: it is dressed in clothes, watching TV while drinking, but also love to eat bread, more like "kicked" soccer, do some exercise.

It is reported that only lives in South Australia Glenn Denbo (Glendambo) region, called "Bi Muer" (Beemer) Kangaroo 18 months ago by a 50-year-old woman was rescued in a traffic accident, to the home. Julia. Bradley (Julianne Bradley) is the master of the house, but also its "mother." It lived a happy life can be described as enviable: the breakfast, it can enjoy the rich flavor painted dark brown yeast bread sauce and a plate of forage, eat later and "Mom" to watch TV series, but also with the music bounce; the afternoon, it can go to the garden behind the house "kick" while football in the evening to watch TV, but also drink of cider. However, it is the "mother" Julia said, to prevent "son" graduated Muer drunk, every night it is a limited amount of wine.

If a strong jumping ability of kangaroos at home drunk, then the result is really unthinkable.

tiffany jewelryAfter a year and a half ago Julia accident scene: a small Bi Muer was staying with the mother's pouch kangaroos, and her mother was killed by a motorcycle. At that time, completed only 20 cm tall and Muer. Thus, the kind kangaroo baby Julia to take home as a "son" raised to the present. Julia at home there are other pets: sheep, dogs, cats, these animals live in harmony with the kangaroos completed Muer.


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