Elixir of life one can live to be 800 years old

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Elixir of life one can live to be 800 years old Empty Elixir of life one can live to be 800 years old

Post  cy7891 on Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:59 am

louis vuitton bagsWestern Europe has issued a non-mainstream newspapers, news that Russian scientists have come up with the "elixir of life", and within two years, the drug market. On the "elixir of life," explained the report is this: Moscow University scientists have developed an anti-oxidant, this "drug" can inhibit the harmful effects of oxygen on the human body. Reported that the drug has now achieved success in animal studies, human trials now being prepared and is expected within two years into the pharmacy. The news sounds exciting enough, but do not fly through it? Taking a pill, can build Kang Changshou - it is science, or myth?

In recent decades, as modern genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and molecular immunology and other disciplines, the edge of the rapid development of aging people have more and deeper understanding of the mechanism, in addition to the above mentioned two theories , there are telomeres, immune, neuroendocrine, gene regulation, DNA damage repair and other 30 kinds of theories. However, whatever the theory, have not been recognized by the scientific community. In other words, scientists who are still unable to verify, which theory accurately identify the real cause of aging, which theory can become a beacon of anti-road.

tiffany jewelryEngaged in anti-aging research scientists appear to be looking for an eternal life, at the same time, philosophers and religious leaders are considering "immortal" in moral standards. Theologians believe that scientists should not be Scrapped because "life and death of the fair by God to control." However, scientists have clearly unacceptable from the religious criticism. University of Manchester, said Harris, professor of bioethics, in the study of aging and death should not be seen as a struggle, but should be seen as a battle for survival. To be honest, few people want to eternal life, but few people do not want health and longevity.


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