Mother sentenced to life can not access

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Mother sentenced to life can not access Empty Mother sentenced to life can not access

Post  cy7891 on Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:25 pm

gucci shoes news) The judge said, prohibiting her from the Internet to help her "return to the real world."

Britain in the second half of a mother, the mother invited a friend and started playing online, "Small World"

Computer games. At first, the mother one hour a day playing games, but last August, she has gradually

Addicted, "as play games, she slept only two hours every night", and sometimes around the clock.

She inadvertently doing housework, home stained the ground litter on the streets. Two pet dogs were hungry alive

Died at home. Even so, she inadvertently processing. Her three children were 13 years old, 10-year-old and 9 years old,

The age of the body are long. Of the mother regardless of the child up to 6 months, "the development of heinous things, and she

Just remember to buy food without cooking. "The mother made this several charges related to child abuse and

Cruelty to animals.

Maidstone Crown Court the case by the court. Templeton counsel Ailun Kang said that as a master

Gucci flat shoes news)
Housewives, the mother had dutifully, but due to a heart attack a few years ago after the death of her husband, her temperament

Change, "only willing to indulge in the computer's virtual world," "isolated themselves."

The mother pleaded guilty. The judge sentenced her to 6 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, not life

Use of computers and the Internet, and life may not keep pets. In addition, she volunteers 75 hours to be done.


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