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Scary, not at a person Kane Empty Scary, not at a person Kane

Post  cy7891 on Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:20 pm

[coach outletHates dogs]

He hates the dog was.
Do not know where to come to the wild dogs, tall and thin, sounds great too scary, there are a pair of ferocious red eyes.
coach bagsArea where so many people, this break to see other people are fawning dogs, tame, everybody likes it,
Saw him alone will reveal the tigers,
After him growl, biting,
Until he fled into the corridor up fast.
Every time he hid behind the door in the corridor, listening to high-pitched howl, coach handbagsheart beat like a wild horse running time
Wants to personally kill the dog.
He finally start with, and used a friend's gun, loaded the bullets soaked tetramine, easily concluded that the humble life of wild dogs.
This evening return to quarters, he heads held high, strolling.
No more calls of wild dogs chasing behind the.
Home face, he saw in the mirror behind the man,
Face white as paper, old tongue out a long,
The man in the mirror and smiled at him: "Thank you for helping me get rid of that dog, it sounds made me uneasy, and each time find your cheap coach bagsdoor."


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