Rockets do not succumb to a small cloth will become the second-person

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Rockets do not succumb to a small cloth will become the second-person Empty Rockets do not succumb to a small cloth will become the second-person

Post  cy138790 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 6:54 pm

Beijing April 14, the United States published in the media " coach bags ", carried out the rocket's Recent Comments. The media made in recognition of the rocket's morale, as the Rockets missed the playoffs in the case are still fighting, and ultimately achieved a 50% winning percentage in the season. Of course, even more gratifying is that Aaron - Brooks will soon become the second NBA history in three-point short of the season.
Rockets once again played big ups and downs of performance, from the commitments they have made in this regard, it has nothing to do and games, because they promised before the season to play the last few weeks, stable performance. Rockets only game this season to play, but for their performance throughout the season, they should be proud of. From this season, the Rockets could find a character that they never yielded.
Away yesterday challenges the king's game, the Rockets trailed by 14 points in the case, ultimately reversed a 10-point advantage against to win. This will not only allow them to return home with a victory in the final game, but also to ensure that they can achieve this season, more than 50% winning percentage record. "This is what we want, a winning percentage over 50% of the season." coach bags outlet said, "We want to play ball. We whom the efforts, we strive for our own. "
In the victory over the King, the Rockets win in the last five games four, missed the playoffs after a thorough scored 7 wins 2 losses in the record, including beating the Celtics, Grizzlies, Jazz, and Charlotte. " cheap coach bags It's really important." Rockets coach Rick - Rick Adelman said, "Our players play hard for as long as a years. This season we have a lot of ups and downs, just like other teams as the league there are many twists and turns, but we did not flinch. "


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