Indian children with precocious puberty arrest

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Indian children with precocious puberty arrest Empty Indian children with precocious puberty arrest

Post  cy7891 on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:32 am

louis vuitton outletBecause the symptoms of precocious puberty are more and more girls in trouble, so quite expensive steroid injection into the helplessness of parent choice in India. India gynecological experts pointed out that due to environmental pollution, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, the Indian girls, the average age of sexual maturity decreased from 13-14 to 10-11 years of age, and development of the city, the average age of girl than the one ahead of rural girls years. To the hospital for treatment of children with precocious puberty age is concentrated in the 5-9 years old.

louis vuitton outletOswald, Professor of Medicine Romania Laike Xu Kumashaha (Rakesh Kumar Sahay), said every month he was admitted to the hospital where five or six children with precocious personality. "Excluding some special cases, most of the girls we injected hormone drugs to control their hormones, so as to delay menarche to 10 years of age." Reported that this type of steroid injection for the treatment of the cost of monthly 3500-4000 rupees (about RMB 530-600 million). Doctors said the precocious child in the future will not only affect the height, but also increase their risk of breast cancer, endocrine disorders caused by infection and inflammation and other symptoms. Gandhi Hospital endocrinologist Uygur Jia Iraq Xie Kaer Reddy (Vijay Shekhar Reddy), PhD, in addition to physical harm, the children are premature due to the sudden physical changes and extremely frightened. Many parents do not know how to handle this situation should therefore have not been many cases of Statistics.

true religion outletExperts have urged the public attention to a healthy diet, stay away from fast food. Used in a lot of fast food preservatives and additives contain some estrogen. India's former vice president of the National Nutrition Institute Qu Wei Nasha Na (Veena Shatrugna) Dr more recommended for all animal feed ingredients and the level of estrogen detection and control.


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