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Indian " Sorceress " Empty Indian " Sorceress "

Post  cy7891 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:12 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Over the past 15 years, India's total of more than 2500 women were in the execution of "witches" in the name

Meaning killing. Although many regions have legislation to prohibit this kind of lynching, but the regulations are rarely implemented, and

And the behavior of this cruel punishment the most severe just 3 months in prison.

coach outlet)A non-governmental organizations in India recently reported that charitable groups, according to national crime statistics office, India

200 women each year to charges of witchcraft were lynched.

Jharkhand in north India, the frequency of occurrence of such cases is particularly high, about 50 to 60 every year since. Cal

Kende Bang's residents are mostly poor tribal members, there was a village will be five women stripped naked through the streets, and

In another village, a 40-year-old woman with the lynching of her neighbors killed. Also in Andhra Pradesh, Harry

Yana Bang and Orissa, such cases have occurred from time to time.

Specifically for the villagers to provide litigation assistance to charitable organizations the right to Center for Rural Litigation and claimed that most were

ed hardy clothing)Killing of "witches" are single women or widows, they are coveted because of the land or property has been falsely accused. These

So-called "witch" in front of people forced to drink urine or eat feces, then stripped naked through the streets. India

Each of the 200 such "witch" were lynched, more "witches" were humiliated and fed through the streets after


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