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President pleased that leaders Pibi Empty President pleased that leaders Pibi

Post  cy7891 on Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:30 pm

louis vuitton bags news) Colombia's largest rebel "Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia," the military leader Jorge Bu Lise

Neo (of Name not sound of sword Iraq) 22 in the afternoon and was killed fighting government forces.

Is New York attending the UN General Assembly that Colombian President Santos in the news,

First are pleased to congratulate the leadership of the military, he said: Briceno standard of terrorism in Colombia

Chi figure, he was killed is always engaged in terrorist activities endangering national security of the anti-government armed forces "

Brother of force, "" the most heavy blow ", which is a historic event, far-reaching impact on Colombian society


Garzón, said Vice-President of Colombia, this is a model of military operations, clean and beautiful, in line with

Standards of international human rights organizations, but he tips the military not to be triumphalist, we must continue to adhere to crack down on anti-

Government armed forces, peace and stability as soon as possible so that our compatriots enjoy.

Briceno is the "Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia," the number two leader, aged 57, outside recognition

As he was "the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia" military leaders, the organization's most influential leaders, but also

Is the most radical leaders, since he started in 1975, has been involved in anti-government armed groups to advocate adoption

And the government to take measures against terrorism, his activities reached the peak of the last century 90's, he built a

LV Monogram Multicolore news) Series of terrorist attacks against the public, planning to kidnap soldiers and police that he, create social terror, while

Also engaged in drug trafficking, and assassinations, in death he had inflicted at least 62 arrest warrants, five judgments, two extradition

Requirements, and 25 of drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder and other charges in the criminal investigation.


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