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Keep Azad university status leaders command Empty Keep Azad university status leaders command

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gucci outlet two separate regulations for mahmoud ahmadinejad, the supreme council of cultural revolution SCCR), Shiite akbar hashemi rafsanjani, board of directors Azad Shiite Muslim Seyyed university, and to maintain the status quo of the islamic Azad take any measures to avoid university only temporarily. The university committee secretary, said in a statement from the law, any measures, the longest khamenei has sparked debate that Azad islamic university and unnecessary trival discussion ", "in some Iranian officials.
gucci handbags Azad around the dispute, the university council by Shiite rafsanjani announced last year, it gives all removable and irremovable performance of university. Eight months later, SCCR draft the new regulation, and changed many members of the board of Azad university was established. The move sparked the university council to the country's judicial and calls for SCCR cancelled the bill, the bill of legal basis of religious debate. Court published in Tehran, it is invalid. The bill.
gucci shoes's parliament (parliament) passed a bill, the bill on the articles of association of the company SCCR of islamic Azad university has been considered null and void. The decision of the court, by congressional bill supporters sparked violent protests. Prosecutors Gholam Hossein - general Mohseni - Eje (hu) called the sheriff Sadeq Shiite Amoli larijani cancellation of judgment and task of another court cases. This request recognized Shiite larijani. Founded in 1982, Iran's islamic Azad university is the largest private chain consisting of university campus and the process of the branch and a satellite 140 million Gucci Handbags


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