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European bicycle child finding love Empty European bicycle child finding love

Post  cy7891 on Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:15 pm

louis vuitton bags news) Two years ago, the Australian firefighters Ken Thompson and his wife fighting for mentally ill son

Custody, the wife secretly fled to Europe with his son. To search for son, Thompson went to Europe alone

, Riding a bicycle 6,500 kilometers away, which lasted more than three months, in many eventually recover with the help of his son.

This incident aroused in Australia and Europe hot on the rights of children, the Australian government is also preparing to

To change the law, the birth parents as the abduction of children is also a criminal offense.

Thompson, 57, originally of New South Wales Fire Brigade deputy captain, he and aged

48-year-old wife Milindasi Stratton first life is very harmonious. However, Stratton was suffering from delusions

Disease, and Thompson has been broken marriage, two from early 2008 to fight for custody of his son Andrew and

Expand struggle. The Stratton court denied her custody of fear, did not submit the relevant documents until Thompson

, With Andrew on board Singapore Airlines secretly fled to Germany, then missing.

In order to find his son, Thompson to retire early, dressed in full before printing large photos of his son's clothes, 3

Month period bicycle tour of the nine European countries, travel to 6500 km, while the Internet is also made

The tracing information. Hard work pays off. When Andrew Stratton registration in the Netherlands to the school, a

LV Monogram Multicolore news)Headmistress found Andrew's passport has expired, on-line search for "missing children" and "Australia

"And other words and found that more than two years he was Thompson Kuxun children, on September 5 informed the police,

This father and son finally reunited.


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