European early human cannibalism

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European early human cannibalism Empty European early human cannibalism

Post  cy7891 on Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:30 pm

Early in the Upper Cave Man of Europe cut off children's heads, brains drinking, cannibalism, is a part of daily diet.

cheap coach bags news)The gland multi-advantages accept cave in Spain (Gran Dolina) fossil bones unearthed there early stone cutting

Be marked with signs. Research shows that 80 million years ago the first humans in Europe, cannibalism was routine

Part of life.

In bison, deer and wild sheep bone pile, the scientists found that at least 11 human children and adults were

Massacre of the wreckage. The bones have been broken into pieces in order to obtain evidence of nutritional bone marrow. There is evidence that the subject

The brains of victims were eaten.

Scientists believe that early humans eat the same kind, is to meet the nutritional needs is to kill the neighboring

Enemy tribes. Castro said that The gland multi-advantages accept caves in the vicinity of food rich in resources, so they

Do not need to eat the same as the last resort. On the contrary, such acts may be widely used to address the neighboring

Tribes on a competitive basis.

Research indicates that children will be targeted because they had less ability to defend itself.

coach outlet news) human bones are eaten era, extending hundreds of years, that this behavior is not Board

Limited to the period of food deprivation.

Because of human bones and animal remains were dumped together, the researchers speculate that the behavior of cannibalism does not have

Have religious significance.


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