Paraguay milk female streaker burst date for early recognition of breast folder phone is speculation

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Paraguay milk female streaker burst date for early recognition of breast folder phone is speculation

Post  cy7891 on Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:28 pm

according to ed hardy clothingreported that :
South Africa into World Cup quarter-final stimulation , the blood spray is the classic confrontation between direct and bloody assault Zhang . At the same time , from Paraguay, chest clip for cell phones and " one clip fame " of the explosion in female breast Sa - Riquelme really grab a lot of the limelight recently , when the Paraguay reach the last eight after defeating the Japanese , she said that if the team Title race will be streaker , but today in a media interview that she had promised streaking ahead of the date , " Paraguay reached the semifinals or finals if I would run naked in the square ! "

24 -year-old Western model offered Telalisa - Juan Roman Riquelme has been called the " World 's girlfriend , " Almost every game can be seen in Paraguay by her presence. This is thousands of miles to watch the matches went to South Africa and become a cheerleader in Paraguay . Because in the chest clip up the phone behavior, and beautiful appearance and dress sexy , she has attracted increasing attention recently . Paraguay beat Japan into the medal quarterfinals after the game , she made a commitment , if Paraguay lift the World Cup , she will , as promised before as Maradona and run naked in the streets . The difference is , she will be painted the body color of the flag of Paraguay .

In a recent interview with ArgentinaHome AppliancesAs the media interview , in Samoa - Riquelme streaking ahead of the date of his : "If the semi-finals or finals of Paraguay , I will be the central square in Asuncion (ed hardy bags ) for streaking . " Now in SA Rickel strong popularity , her decision may make some of the neutrality of Paraguay and Spain game fans tend to the former, compared with Diego Maradona , in Samoa - Rickel 's streaker same subject can create the world's best .

In addition, in Samoa - Rickel also acknowledged that these acts themselves more often in the hype themselves, increase their exposure , so her career is more successful: "I was thinking is to make himself even more famous , But still these things happen I'm so excited , in fact it has more than support the Paraguay game itself , to become the world's one incredible thing. "

( Editor : ed hardy sale )


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