American female psychiatrist killed her husband in patients with hypnosis

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American female psychiatrist killed her husband in patients with hypnosis

Post  cy7891 on Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:55 am

louis vuitton outlet Psychiatrist hypnosis for patients with treatment, the patients took the opportunity to "brainwashing" as a "killing machine", has always been movies and horror novels will be some scenes I did not expect such a strange thing has really happened in the United States the ... ...

When David visited Mary's clinic, she began to implement their own plot plan: Mary secretly in his next drink, a drug that David entered a confused state of mind. Mary then started on the hypnotic David, David will help to strengthen her "The Butcher's Wife," the determination, the Queen Mary also used on the "honey trap" in hypnosis and David had had sexual relations! In order to deepen the "hypnotic brainwashing" effect, followed by access to patient Mary visited David's family name, and again on him, "brainwashing" type of hypnosis, while sexual relations with him again. It is in the process of hypnosis, Mary began to "lure that" David to help her kill her husband Hain.

true religion outletBut Mary did not think that is clearly not in place of her hypnosis, her "honey trap" failed to be successful, the patient David "awakening" immediately after Mary's "The Butcher's Wife conspiracy" informed the police and her husband! Currently, the jail, including the Queen Mary has been abetting first-degree murder, sexual exploitation of patients clinicians official crimes and other crimes and three counts of obstruction charges, if convicted, Mary may be sentenced to imprisonment for 20 years, Justice!

Mary tried to give female patients psychologists "brainwash" the Butcher of hypnosis to help patients with conspiracy came to light, so that deeply shocked the local neighbors, because in their eyes, Mary was a loving husband and Hain harmonious family!


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