Stop the evolution of mankind?

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Stop the evolution of mankind? Empty Stop the evolution of mankind?

Post  cy7891 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:33 am

coach outletHuman ancestors out of Africa about 60,000 years ago, migrating to the world, they encountered a number of prehistoric technology alone can not solve environmental problems. Many scientists to speculate on a comprehensive analysis of the human genome, should find a lot of evidence that some new type of mutation has only recently spread to different populations. This is a natural choice - because people who have these mutations than those who do not breed more and healthier offspring.

coach outletHowever, facts prove that, despite the human genome, there are some people "tag" suggest that our ancestors have experienced strong and rapid process of natural selection, but most can detect the speed of natural selection occurs, it seems slower than scientists thought have

louis vuitton outletThousands of years ago, human hell and high water, first came to 4 200 meters above sea level plateau. Although this new environment, no competitor can offer them many benefits, but in such a high altitude area, the average oxygen content of air at sea level only about 60%, which can lead to chronic mountain sickness, improve infant mortality on their body is a severe test. Earlier this year, a series of studies found a very common among Tibetans in China, but rare in other populations of genetic variation, which can regulate the body's red blood cells Tibetan formation, which may help explain why the Tibetans can to adapt to harsh living environment. This discovery immediately aroused global concern, because it provides a vivid example of how to show us the humanity in the not too distant past to quickly adapt to new environment. One study estimated that this beneficial mutation spread to most of the time Tibetans body less than 3 000 years ago - in the evolution of the long river, this is a moment only.

louis vuitton outletThe discovery of the Tibetan people who seem to confirm such a view: Since about 6 million years ago (the estimated time range of 5 million years ago to 10 million years ago) after the first man out of the African continent, has experienced in the physical Such adaptive changes several times. East Africa from the hot zone grassland and shrubland during the outward migration, the human footprint is almost over the cold tundra, moist tropical forests, hot deserts and all terrestrial ecosystems and climate, but a variety of high-altitude environment a challenge. Admittedly, many times the human adaptation to the environment contain "technical" elements, such as to resist the cold, we made out of clothes. In prehistoric times, technology alone will not solve the fundamental large-scale infectious disease epidemic, the thin mountain air and other environmental problems. In these cases, the human adaptation to the environment, not only through the genetic evolution of technology to solve. Therefore, we have reason to expect the full human genome testing will find a lot of different people has only recently spread to new gene mutations, because it is natural selection - that is, to carry out the life of these mutations children than other The children were healthier and more conducive to reproduction.


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