Two pairs of shoes worth 18 billion

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Two pairs of shoes worth 18 billion Empty Two pairs of shoes worth 18 billion

Post  cy7891 on Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:25 pm

louis vuitton bags news)Aged 68-year-old New York City Mayor Michael R. Borg net worth of more than 18 billion U.S. dollars of billionaires, in the "Fu

Booth, "ranked the world's richest 23 standings. Deal or No Deal of the rich and the many different, so rich cloth

Long Boge has over ten years to live "Stingy" life.

Bloomberg's two pairs of leather shoes are black leather shoes classic style, size 9EE number (U.S. feet

Code, the equivalent of 41 yards). When he was mayor in 2001 before he started to wear two pairs of leather shoes, has put on 10

Years. Bloomberg great care of his shoes, two pairs of shoes usually take turns to wear, wear a pair every other day. And a

After the change the old Dan soles worn out, do not lose, but go get cobbler mend some repair, or replacement of soles

Continue to wear.

Now both have been wearing leather shoes on the mark without a trace, so that Mr. Bloomberg himself not remember

What brands have. New York shoe experts, Michael Bloomberg, at least two pairs of leather shoes is a pair of shoes

Company "Cole Haan" manufacturing. The brand, a store clerk also said the shoes should be in the public

Division launched a years ago, called "Dennehy" the old school shoes retail price of 328 U.S. dollars, but the present

Before the shutdown.

LV Monogram Multicolore news)Reason he wearing two pairs of leather shoes for 10 years, not because it "could not afford." A spokesman for Bloomberg

Situluose said: "Mr. Bloomberg could buy any shoes he wants, but he loved it. That two pairs

Shoes are very comfortable and practical, so he feels no need to buy new shoes. "


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