France First Lady to be called "prostitutes"

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France First Lady to be called "prostitutes" Empty France First Lady to be called "prostitutes"

Post  cy7891 on Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:57 pm

France has launched a protest against Iran for adultery stoning of women Ashtiani implementation of the movement,

French President's wife Bruni support the campaign by the Iranian media as being "prostitutes" was offensive comments.

coach outlet news), Iranian women accused of adultery and murder Ashtiani her husband was the local court

Department stoning sentences. French First Lady Bruni public criticism of Iran's stoning sentence, and in a

The release of Ashtiani petition signed.

The mouthpiece of the Iranian government, "el universo" (Kayhan) published a paper entitled "French prostitutes involved in human rights operation

Action "of the editorial, said Bruni was" hypocritical prostitutes. " The editorial also accused the private emotional life Bruni

Chaos, destruction Sarkozy and his ex-wife's marriage, said her case to interfere Ashtiani, but to give yourself

The "affair" excuses. Iran state television also criticized Bruni life "loose."

cheap coach bags news) France called for the EU 27 member states jointly warned Iran that if Ashtiani liable

Death, Iran will be the new EU sanctions. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman claimed that the consideration for the maintenance of social order,

Can not release criminals.


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