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Twins share a boyfriend cosmetic Empty Twins share a boyfriend cosmetic

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according to ed hardy clothingreported that :54-year-old Daianlifu and Christine Martin is a pair of home

Live in the United Kingdom Norfolk Norwich city of monozygotic twins. Diane and her current husband, 57-year-old teacher John

From life, birth to 2 children. Christine and her ex-husband gave birth to three children, now 57 years old and her boyfriend, artist

Luobinkate live together. It is learned that Diane and Christina look "as if poured from a mold out,"

When they meet each other feel like a "mirror", and even parents it is difficult to accurately distinguish them.

Diane said she and Christina no matter what childhood should be together, as far as possible, "consistent."

Diane said: "we have always very close, we all like to wear the same clothes. Every time her mother tried to wear both

Different clothes, the two people will cry. Even now, two third of the clothes closet in a

The same ed hardy bagsmodel. To make her boyfriend's age, I and Christina even joke to share the same boyfriend,

But do not know what the other party and two people dating! "

As the years went by, Diane, and Kristin increasingly obvious difference in appearance. In order to regain a sense of twins

Sense, 5 years ago, the sisters began discussing the possibility of facial plastic surgery face lift. Two sisters decided to end the same day

The implementation of cosmetic surgery in order to re-become "exactly the same!" Diane recalls: "We always pay attention to their own

Appearance, but a few years ago, we've found we became sagging skin, and our bags under the eyes more and more

Great, so I feel we should Christina what capacity the whole. The reason why we should work together hand in the same day

Surgery, because we do not want to see a different and their sister, even if the day is out! "

( Editor : ed hardy sale )


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