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Homosexuality Empty Homosexuality

Post  cy7891 on Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:16 pm

according to ed hardy clothingreported that :
South Korean scientists found that embryonic knockout of a single gene in female rats, female rats can become "same-sex

Love. "

This simple procedure makes the female knockout mice rejected the courtship behavior of male mice, while trying to

Similar to mate with females. The researchers found that knocking out FucM gene (the gene affected the levels of estrogen,

In turn affect the brain) makes the process of growing up female rats and male behavior close.

KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) of

Parker, Professor (Chankyu ed hardy bagsPark) led the study. He said: "The genes are modified in the female rat brain

Development path has been changed to make it close in the sexual orientation of male similar. "In fact, the world's scientists are looking for" the same

Homosexuality and the gene "has a long association between the time, but for the latest research scholars stressed that,

Currently the test can not indicate whether these human activities and there is some correlation.

By knocking out specific genes, scientists think they can stop the female rat brain to filter out sex hormone

Factors, so that additional estrogen female rats were affected. Although estrogen (the change) can make the brains of male female rats

Nature of, but not found in humans the same effects.

Professor Parker, the next will examine the gene produces an enzyme (a helicase trehalose change) whether human activities

Has an impact, but he admitted that would like to find volunteers willing to participate in the experiment may be "very difficult." Most of his

Studies have been published in the "British Medical Committee genetics" (BMC Genetics) magazine.

( Editor : ed hardy sale )


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