Zoo tigress by night eat three natural Tiger Aberdeen

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Zoo tigress by night eat three natural Tiger Aberdeen

Post  cy7891 on Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:04 pm

(Reporter coach outlet) Recently, Wuhan Zoo Chief Engineer Du Youshun "cracked" the park's three tiger disappearances, the culprit turned out the mother tiger, tigress eaten alive by night their three children. The discovery broke the "
coach bags" civil rumors.

"61" on the
coach handbags eve of the female Siberian tiger Xiu birth to four little tigers, but strange things happen one after another: 5 days, each day a little cubs, three tigers have disappeared. Experts careful reconnaissance, I discovered that the Mu Hu gallic, helpless to the rest of Tigers by a mother on behalf of the dogs just keep cheap coach bagsproducing.


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