Kim Han Museum, children were those corrupted officials leftover fruit

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Kim Han Museum, children were those corrupted officials leftover fruit

Post  cy7891 on Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:54 am

louis vuitton outletGyeonggi Pocheon the "H Han fruit" because the museum to display the "Ice Queen" Kim children to eat the rest of the fruit, being the crazy netizens criticized.

louis vuitton outletReported that on October 21, entitled "Museum Exhibition of the Korean fruit leftover" photo Twitter micro-blog in South Korea and the portal site spread rapidly. Korean food has been appointed as the ambassador of the Kim children in May this year, in Goyang City, at the "2010 Seoul International Food Industry Exhibition" Pumpkin oil on the taste of sweet fruit.

true religion outletWho attended the show "H Han fruit" the head of the museum to recover the remaining fruit and start from the beginning of the week put them on a display stand. Official said that the purpose of doing so is "to promote 'Kim Han fruit of the love of children', and put a stand from the beginning of this week." In this regard, the users who have seen the photos to the fierce rhetoric criticized the move, there are users that "This is too much." It was also claimed, "This is not some exaggerated too far."

true religion outletThe museum is on Oct. 22 received a child broker Kim's phone, and subsequently withdrew the show. Museum, said, "This is not child's demand to withdraw Kim show. Is that no prior consent to put the booth, in order not to (to Kim children) damage, so the withdrawal of the Korean fruit."


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