Confessions men to send flowers can increase the success rate of 3 percent

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Confessions men to send flowers can increase the success rate of 3 percent

Post  cy7891 on Sat Oct 23, 2010 11:37 am

louis vuitton outletJapan's Suntory flower shop recently conducted a survey through the network, the results showed that men send flowers confession can increase the success rate of 3 percent.

louis vuitton outletJapan Record Japan News reported Oct. 20, 19, Suntory of Japan flower shop through the network, on-line 21 -34 302 women between the ages of the implementation of a study on "Confessions of love consciousness" investigation.

true religion outletAccording to the survey results showed that men admire women to confession, if the holding flowers, the probability of success will be increased by 30%. Meanwhile, in the "confession when the men were the gifts to make you feel to 'nod'" answer to this question, there are nearly 5 said word of the same women answered "flowers." The reason for the "Compared to the money, but can feel his sincere," "could be assured, and easily accept."

true religion outletIn addition, "if men to send flowers, do you think of confession will increase the success rate of a few to" answer the question, women answered an average of 31%. The survey also learned that women accept the confession of the most men would like to receive the flowers, named among the "top three" of the roses respectively (71%), Fulang flowers (44%) and Tulip (32%).


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