South Korea's presidential office and other sites under attack

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South Korea's presidential office and other sites under attack

Post  cy7891 on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:57 pm

according to ed hardy clothingreported that :South Korea's presidential Blue House , Foreign Affairs and Trade , the famous search engine NAVER, farmers associations, foreign exchange banks and other sites on the 7th was " minor "distributed denial of service attacks .

South Korea Broadcast Communications Commission announced the evening of 7 , starting at 6 pm the same day , the five sites were found to cyber attacks , the relevant departments to take emergency measures to " remove forthwith soon . "

As the attacks took place in Korea on July 7 last year, suffered large-scale distributed denial of service attack first anniversary , South Korean authorities caused great concern .

However, the ed hardy bagsBroadcasting Communications Commission said that the attacks are very small compared to last year , has yet to result in the loss , without too much worry . But the department is ready , just in case.

Alleged that the Commission has seized for the attacks, malicious code , being precise analysis .

Broadcast Communications Commission also said that last year a computer virus attack , and some may not have completely cleared the virus , these viruses do not rule out the possibility of re- attack .

( Editor : ed hardy sale )


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