5 minutes to control weight bike

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5 minutes to control weight bike Empty 5 minutes to control weight bike

Post  CY870722 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:07 pm

gucci outlet the widespread belief, a new study shows that, riding a bicycle, only five minutes to help women in 30-40 years old to control weight. "A lot of information to the physiological activities of the women are very common, encourage daily activities, but did not say:" what Keri Gans, a spokesperson for the American dietetic association. According to the results, published in the archives of internal medicine, bicycle and walking is easiest exercise, can bring into his/her daily life, in order to maintain all aspects of weight.
gucci handbags is a kind of answer say:" to control weight chief researcher of Anne c individuals. Compared to women, not occupy bike riding a bicycle, only 5 minutes less every day in the NATO 680 study process.
gucci shoes walking to help overweight and obese women to reduce weight, slow walk not related to influence, the study found. "This is not implied, if your bicycle five minutes, you'll soon be back to you at the age of 18, you are saying," personal, emphasize more infrastructure and equipment should be devoted to ride bicycle that individuals can be uncomfortable bike.
Female physiological activities, including the increase of walking and bike every 30 minutes to maintain their weight, or Gucci Wallet.


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