Israeli scientists have developed a "100 % effective "male pill

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Israeli scientists have developed a "100 % effective "male pill Empty Israeli scientists have developed a "100 % effective "male pill

Post  cy7891 on Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:17 pm

ed hardy clothing reports , Israeli scientists has successfully developed a special for the men taking the oral tablets, such tablets can lose function of sperm to achieve the contraceptive effect.

It is believed that with the injection of normal male contraceptives different , this medicine is not the testosterone in men and women combined progesterone to prevent pregnancy . The principle of this new tablet is to remove the sperm of a protein , but can not make women pregnant . In this case, even if the sperm to the uterus , can not form a fertilized egg .

According toed hardy bags experts, this tablet is 100% chance of contraception . Not only the efficacy of long duration , dosing every 3 months once , but no side effects and adverse reactions.

Israel's Hebrew University professor , said the pill has been done in mice experiment results are quite satisfactory . Next year will be to experiment on humans to test the effect . He also said that because the tablets of the hormone has no effect , so it should be allowed to pass through easily .

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