Obama will helm the network " master switch "

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Obama will helm the network " master switch " Empty Obama will helm the network " master switch "

Post  cy7891 on Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:04 pm

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A new bill would give the United States President Barack Obama of power , in the "coach bags " under the closed Internet . It is reported that the bill , if passed , Obama will head the U.S. network 's " master switch " , the authority to order such as Google and Yahoo Web search temporarily closed , other U.S. Internet services and broadband providers to comply , will face heavy fines for illegal .

The bill by former presidential candidate , the Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman made , he said the proposal mainly want to ensure that the President of widening its emergency authority to unexpected events in the face of the network to ensure national security .

Dennis Blair, U.S. Director of National Intelligence , warned earlier this year , in the past three years, government departments by the number of network attacks increased by 4 times .

Lieberman proposed the bill be given network " master switch " in the title , according to the proposal , the U.S. government can effectively control the user access to network ports. coach handbags said: "Our economic security and national security and public safety are under threat from new enemies , including the network of fighters , cyber espionage , cyber terrorism and cyber-crime elements . "

According to the bill , any Department of Homeland Security as a " dependent "Internet , phone system or any American "information infrastructure "company , will be National Security Ministry, the national network within the new security command and communications center .

But critics say the bill to the White House " has the potential absolute power "and" abuse of power . " Google is refusing to comment on the matter . ( cheap coach bags)


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