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Post  cy7891 on Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:17 pm

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Earth about 500,000 different kinds of beetles than all other creatures living on Earth has more.

* coach bagsCat no sweet taste.

* Drink and can not raise the body temperature, the opposite will reduce body temperature. Alcohol will make tiny blood vessels to dilate, the temperature distribution. In cold weather drink, can lead to frostbite.

A sneeze can reach 160 kilometers per hour.

* May-born children born in the month than the average weight 200 grams.

For man's pupil, in order to see some of their delightful thing, can expand to 45% large than usual.

* The averagecoach handbags woman's heart beat faster than men.

* Short-term human memory for figures, can be maintained at the level of 5-9 bit, so phone numbers are usually only seven figures.

* The ratio of men suffering from color blindness, seven out of 100, but women and one in 1000. The most common color blindness is red and green.

* Life on Earth has had only 10% of the animals still exist today.

* Most people average a ton of food and beverage digest.

* Honey is the only non-perishable food. Tomb of Pharaoh in Egypt, buried in the honey, proved still edible.

* We can see the stars in the daytime from the bottom.

* Today, the world's most popular hobby is collecting stamps.

Note: ① the 7 argument -

1. She has cancelled all her social engagements.

2. She is in an interesting condition. (Or intent language in stato interesante)

3. She is in a delicate condition.

4. She is knitting little dooties.

5. She is in a family way.

6. She is expecting.

7. She's cheap coach bagspregnant.


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