God became a defendant

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God became a defendant Empty God became a defendant

Post  cy7891 on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:25 pm

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In 2006, a Romanian prisoner in prison filed a complaint alleging breach of God. Not be discussed the question whether God exists, if God exists, then God agreed with what he does, actually would be breach of contract?

coach bags reported that Romanian prisoners arrested in 2005 for accepting bribes, was jailed for 20 years. In prison, he has been unfair to him complaining about God. Why is this? The prisoner said that he was born early, when baptized in the church entered into a contract with God: faith in his lifetime commitment to God, and God through the proxy - clergyman - promised his life will be happy. But now, God did not give him happiness, so God contrary to the contract, the need to sue God. Thus, there will be a farce.
coach handbagsThe face of his complaint, the district court made a ruling in 2007: "Unable to learn God's home address and can not convey their opinion of the Court," and ultimately rejected the request of the prisoners.
Perhaps due to his inspiration, shortly after a U.S. senator also accused God guilt. September 2007, the United States Nebraska Senator Ernie? Chambers to court, "God genocide." Chambers sin that God is not only informed of the situation without creating the most terrible floods, hurricanes and tornadoes and other natural disasters also create a plague, famine, genocide, war and human congenital diseases. For all kinds of disaster. God has neither sympathy nor remorse shown, but rejoiced at the disaster comes. More hateful of God has refused to repent, again and again to create panic, so God should be "millions of Earth residents of a large number of dead, injured and scared" responsible. Finally, he asked the court to order a permanent ban on God to bring millions of people, "death, destruction and terror."
October 2008, Douglas County District Court to address the defendant God, there is no statutory grounds, dismissed his indictment. Chambers and What Is God contradictory? The original reason he sued God because he wanted to move so that we understand that everyone has the right to appeal to the court. This case the fuse is the local legislature accepted the proposal to the court against those "meaningless cases." Chambers believes that the law should not restrict lawsuits, the courts should be open to all. He said: "The constitutional court's door is open, so you can not prohibit prosecution ... ... anyone can sue anyone they would like to notice people, even God." So, cheap coach bags practices.


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