Men like women Yuantun narrow scientific basis

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Men like women Yuantun narrow scientific basis Empty Men like women Yuantun narrow scientific basis

Post  cy7891 on Fri May 28, 2010 12:15 pm

coach outlet
Perfect figure Some research shows that, and heteroo men to see their beautiful photos, obtained
In differentcoach bags parts of the size of the female body attraction man
The minimum, respectively is: body size, sexy lips, plentiful breast, long legs, Yuantun slim
Waist-hip, and on this basis, the beautiful eyes, long hair, small nose, child, flat
Abdominal, streamline, streamlined genital, slender neck and face.
Therefore, in Chinese, a perfectcoach handbags woman, the standard of the body? A survey showed
In 39.6 billion euros, soft - type hose 8752 completely, then is appropriate
And type (28.4 billion euros (24.2 strong type of many women seeking euro thin
Finally, the only body type row 7.8 billion euros
In the eyes of the most attractive, the man, provides the body movement
The woman. Research shows that women who have a strong and healthy, if the body, it
That she has the ability of generations, the key moment can protect children.
Most people like plump, muscle compact woman, especially the mature males
Especially, malnutrition, 35, not the sort of woman of their ideal. fine
Sexual partners, and the devil figure - more than the cheap coach bags
angels, small eyes
Capture facial.


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