Exposure of the scandal book King of Sweden

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Exposure of the scandal book King of Sweden Empty Exposure of the scandal book King of Sweden

Post  cy7891 on Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:41 am

coach outletKing Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has been widely regarded as a model of the royal family, married 34 years with Queen Silvia of Sweden is renowned the model couple, and recently with a book about called "Carl XVI Gustaf - Reluctant King "(German: Der widerwillige Monarch) biography of a massive, making the ugly side of the king was naked display in the world, to subvert the people of the world for its elegance, integrity, knowledge of image .

coach outletInsisted that this biography of the book for the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf is the result of thorough investigation of the content derived, not fiction. Writes, sexy Swedish singer and model Camilla Chinese Nyima (Camilla Henemark) in the late 90s of last century was 64-year-old Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf's mistress, and Queen Silvia that her husband cheating on her, but she chose to tolerate her husband's behavior.

louis vuitton outletNamed by the king of hobbies like hunting to invite strippers to open rave parties and was also a relationship with a number of women. The affair between Camilla and the mistress he fell in love was like a young, even with Camilla had planned to run away to the distant island, eating coconuts for a living.

louis vuitton outletThe face of this called the biggest scandal in the history of the Swedish royal family, Camilla asked by the media, said: "It is already a long time ago, I did not buy that book, it is clear that it is sold out of stock, But I can not comment. "On the other hand, Carl XVI Gustaf said:" It is already a thing of the past, I have and Silvio raises, we do agree, do not want to deep- digging thing of the past ... ... I got the book yesterday, but have not started reading, I do not intend to read it quickly, I do not know how to handle this whole thing, but it is obviously bad. "This time the reaction of the parties, the fact that the book is considered the default. Germany's "color" magazine wrote: "The author also mentioned that the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf attended the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in a night club in a ho throw of 1.2 million (approximately 80,000 yuan), a stripper, and he requested two hours alone. "


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