Moderate shock on the brain can significantly improve math skills

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Moderate shock on the brain can significantly improve math skills Empty Moderate shock on the brain can significantly improve math skills

Post  cy7891 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:16 am

louis vuitton outletTo study mathematics knowledge that students will benefit from electrical stimulation of the brain, based on a study by college students test, a mild type of electrical stimulation can improve the ability of people to learn and use numbers, such mathematical capabilities sustainable for a long time. Meanwhile, the new study also lack mathematical ability of children and adults to bring a new therapeutic approach, especially those by stroke or neurodegenerative disease caused decreased learning ability, or mental injury of the crowd.

true religion outlet Oxford University neuroscientist Roy - Cohen - Kadu Shi (Roi Cohen Kadosh), said: "I'm not a shock to encourage people to experiment, after all, this approach is dangerous, but our latest research is very joy! "He pointed out that this latest study shows that our people can be temporarily induced by stimulation of the mathematical ability of the brain after a mild type of shock, their calculation and application of mathematics have been significantly improved. Shock experiment does not bring you to shape the Einstein, but if the experiment is successful, it will be able to help people learn better and applied mathematics.

louis vuitton outletUniversity of Oxford and University College London research team recruited 15 students were tested research, and students were divided into three groups. Every 6 days to learn a series of mathematical symbols are not familiar with, including: the numbers 0-9 and some mathematical symbols.

louis vuitton bags saleIt is reported that 15 students used a technique called "transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS)" technology every day, a shock brain research, continuing the weak current conduction through the electrodes to the scalp, making the placement of the electrode through the brain DC left parietal and right parietal regions, two regions of the brain located above the back of the ear position. The study found that students were learning and using these new values there are significant differences, after 4 days, the first group received 20 minutes of current conduction from the left side of the brain on the right of students to calculate the new number system for the system performed very well ; the second group received the current transfer students in other regions of the brain in the poor performance of the application of mathematical calculations; the third group received a 30-second shock of the students are between mathematical ability between the former two.


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