Czech Republic became a part-time college students naked cleaners

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Czech Republic became a part-time college students naked cleaners Empty Czech Republic became a part-time college students naked cleaners

Post  cy7891 on Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:20 am

louis vuitton outletBecause of the economic downturn and the credit crunch, some Czech students can not find a suitable part time jobs to earn their school fees, even from the whimsical to engage in a "nude cleaner" line of business, choose the bare buttocks to the customers at home cleaning. By engaging in "naked cleaner" alternative line of business, the Czech university students can earn £ 150 per hour, the "substantial compensation."

true religion outlet, because of the recession, credit crunch, many part-time work for themselves by raising tuition fees and living expenses of the Czech students have lost their livelihood temporary work, in order to get rid of this predicament, the Czech capital of Prague's Charles University, Department of Economics, 21Carter card Kepei calorie-year-old female college student, "an idea", even founded a company named "crazy cleaning" of the domestic company that specializes in providing the local customers, "nude cleaner" service!

louis vuitton outlet According to ingenuity of the Czech female students Katka said that since she's "crazy cleaning company" after the opening of the company's business phone was ringing off the hook almost. Despite the company's "nude cleaner" services up to £ 150 per hour, but many customers still have to call competed to purchase "naked cleaners" service, leading the company's 15 employees in male and female college students busy after school hours Lian Zhouzhuan still "in short supply!" However, the "nude cleaner" line of business also in the Czech Republic caused a huge controversy, especially the most engaged in "nude cleaner" line of business people are a beautiful young female students. Opponents say, "nude cleaner" provided absolutely does not "cleaning service", but like the striptease, lap dance as a kind of "sexual services."

louis vuitton bags sale But "crazy cleaning company," founder of Katka, they strongly disagree with this statement, she told reporters: "We have not provided the service is to sell their bodies, and only a cleaning service." Learned that the "nude cleaning workers "line of business in Britain and the U.S. as early as precedent, is stunning, and even the British government-run employment centers to the domestic unemployed as" nude cleaner "opportunities.


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