U.S. researchers: traumatic memory, or selectively eliminate

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U.S. researchers: traumatic memory, or selectively eliminate Empty U.S. researchers: traumatic memory, or selectively eliminate

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louis vuitton outletU.S. researchers found that painful memories can be the total elimination of the method, or the help of post-traumatic stress syndrome, psychological stress (PTSD) drug dvelopment. The researchers found that mice in the sudden exposure to loud noises, the brain is more active in specific cells in vivo almonds. The bottom of the amygdala in the brain, type like almonds, in charge of anxiety, impatience, shock and fear and other negative emotions. Meanwhile, after a few hours after the fear, the mouse brain a specific protein - Calcium permeability of glutamate receptors - will increase. The protein content peaked at 24 hours, 48 hours away. Instability of this particular protein can be removed from the nerve cells.

louis vuitton outletResearch leader Dr Richard L off Garnier said: "The method is to remove the protein, produced traumatic brain weakened the link, and then aim to eliminate the memory itself." Thus, the researchers put mice specific proteins produced by the brain removed. After removal of protein, mouse really can not remember the sound associated with great fear.

true religion outletIn further experiments, the researchers found, remove the dependency of these proteins called "GluA1" Chemical modification of proteins. Lack of chemical modification of proteins in mice GluA1 will resume with the loud noises associated with fear memory, while other mice did not. This discovery by the fear of suffering of the patients had an important enlightenment. Hugh Gagnier that scientists can develop a drug used to control and enhance the permeability of glutamate receptors to remove the effect of calcium, helping people to "erase" memories.

true religion outletHugh Jean-Pierre Garnier said: "The tragedy occurs, the fear generated by its memory can last a lifetime, on the negative impact on people's lives ... ... we found (the formation of fear) mechanism, in order to control this mechanism with the possibility of drug at the same time can improve the efficacy of behavior therapy for PTSD. "behavior therapy can ease people's emotional responses to traumatic memories, but can not eliminate the memory itself, so patients who received behavioral therapy is likely to once again plunged into a nightmare. He said: "The ability to selectively eliminate memories ... ... sounds like science fiction but one day for the treatment of patients plagued by the fear memory, as a result of war, rape and other tragic events caused by PTSD people." This study was funded by U.S. National Institutes of Health and Howard Hughes Medical Institute funding.


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