Frozen ovary more effective than frozen eggs

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Frozen ovary more effective than frozen eggs Empty Frozen ovary more effective than frozen eggs

Post  cy7891 on Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:20 am

louis vuitton outletDoctors recently recommended that the United States can not or do not want to have children being female the ovarian tissue, rather than egg cryopreservation up, because the preservation of ovarian pregnancy can help increase the future probability of success. St. Louis, Missouri clinics Shemanxier Boda Fu is the first case of ovarian replantation surgery surgeon, patients become pregnant and children. Doctors, according to Silber, the current technology can only extract the frozen eggs 5-10 eggs, but no one can predict how many eggs need to be removed to ensure the future success of fertilization, some women asked the doctor to take more than a few times, but taken The more the higher medical expenses.

louis vuitton outletIf using frozen ovarian tissue the way, there will be 1 / 3 of the ovaries were removed, of which there are about 60,000 eggs. Freeze them, the body and the remaining 2 / 3 of the ovaries can still work, did not affect the natural conception of women, and medical costs are relatively low. Therefore, cost-effective cryopreserved ovarian much more than the frozen eggs. Silber doctors have done 11 cases of ovarian implants, 3 of them is to re-implantation of frozen ovarian off prospective pregnant women, allowing them to every life, a child; other 8 cases had frozen to others without illness can not be donated ovarian implantation of eight female reproductive body, but also to their success as a mother, one of whom also gave birth to twin daughters. In addition, more than 40 Silber also do not intend to have children, women and cryopreservation of ovarian tissue removed.

true religion outletThe world's only seven medical centers to carry out the removal of ovarian tissue, cryopreservation and transplantation program, which distributed in Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Israel and the United States, a total of 23 babies born by way of implanted ovaries.

true religion outletIn the current technical conditions, the ovarian tissue can be safely frozen for 20 years, while women are often the quantity and quality of eggs in her 35 years of age decreased significantly. Silber said that, very unfortunately, all come to him before the age of frozen ovaries in women over the age of 35, maximum 40 years old, "they should be when more than 20 years of age to surgery." However, the British fertility experts Su Shanxi Nan pointed out that the lead female infertility factors, such as blocked fallopian tubes or a man unable to have children, frozen ovaries from one aspect of technology can only help women to maintain fertility.


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