China began the most complex census

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China began the most complex census Empty China began the most complex census

Post  cy7891 on Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:35 am

louis vuitton outletFeng Nailin Population experts now awake at night: How can accurate statistics in a short time out of 210 million "floating population"? After 10 years of labor market liberalization and rapid urbanization, China has transformed itself into a "fluid" state. Continuous flow of the general population, many from rural areas or small towns in hundreds of cities, construction sites and factories. There, they declared the "Account" in the registration system is still the planned economy era have been made. Feng and his 6.5 million statisticians have only one choice: the census period, must go to construction sites and dormitories to find these people. At the last census in 2000, the Chinese population from 800 million into 1265000000.

louis vuitton outlet10 years later, living in urban and rural population is almost as much. Experts suggest that a "non-traditional method." "Toothbrush in the bathroom can be calculated" in the screening test, experts found that 25 farmers in eight bed sleep work points, "but there are 25 toilet brush", in fact they are on shift work and sleep ... ...

true religion outletThe world's largest, most complex, will cost nearly 10 billion euros of high census about to begin. China plans to set up five million statistics, from the streets of Beijing to Inner Mongolia in the desert. April 2011, China's sixth census results will be published.

true religion outletEconomists, sociologists and psychologists hope, through this survey are relevant in China since reform and opening up a revolutionary change in social and family structures of the new conclusions.

true religion jeansThe census will cover the first foreigners living and working in China. To prevent eating "cold shoulder" or even threatened, the census will give up some sensitive and embarrassing problem.


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