Law of the modern version of "slave" couple arrested

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Law of the modern version of "slave" couple arrested Empty Law of the modern version of "slave" couple arrested

Post  cy7891 on Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:28 pm

louis vuitton outletSlavery was abolished in 100 years today, a French couple at home, even a woman enslaved for 20 years. Every day they let the "slaves" working 16 hours, but only to 20 pence per hour, the meager wages.

louis vuitton outlet"Slave" Xiao Miye couple living in the southeastern city of Lyon, France, this year are more than 60 years old. Their "slave" is a 58-year-old Senegalese woman, being a judge and "fat." If the monthly must register, then the working hours of fat has reached 480 hours, but can only earn more than 100 pounds (about 1044 yuan) a month.

true religion outlet Prosecutors said the fat man had served in Africa 8 Xiao Miye couple years later the couple apply for a tourist visa for her and bring her back to France. Before long, the visa expired, Xiao Miye fat wife visa will be canceled, and that once threatened to escape, she will be the police to arrest illegal immigrants. Believed the fat man had to stay home every day for another couple and their elderly relatives, cooking, engaging in health, through Ms. Xiao Miye out of old clothes.

true religion outlet In 2009, saved enough to go to Bordeaux (France southwestern city of) the tolls, after slavery had enough fat finally found the opportunity to escape, and in Bordeaux in touch with a relative. The latter immediately after hearing the news the police, the police arrested the couple Xiaomi Ye, and made charges of slavery and human trafficking. The defense lawyer asked fat filled 50,000 pounds (about 520,000 yuan) in wages. "She (fat) can not leave because she had no identity card or residence permit, she was afraid he would be arrested, so a full 20 years before suffering the courage to escape."

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Couples are being released on bail Xiaomi Ye argue that they make a fat man as "a family member," and insisted that slavery argument is exaggerated. "She (fat) and our experience with a variety of family change, we have been trying to her to seek legal status in France, but ultimately did not succeed." Prosecutors recommended the judge sentence Xiaomi Ye couple years imprisonment, suspended for for two years, while full Peifu the plaintiff's economic loss.


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