French women, "death" after the "Revival"

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French women, "death" after the "Revival" Empty French women, "death" after the "Revival"

Post  cy7891 on Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:35 pm

louis vuitton outletFrance declared a woman by a doctor "very sure clinically dead" after 14 hours, suddenly came alive.

louis vuitton outletLidi handkerchief Lyde cancer patients in France (60) on the right bank of Bordeaux in the southwest of private hospitals prepared to accept a sudden syncope chemotherapy, the doctor rescued, transferred to ventilator to maintain the patient's life; but after discussion the doctors to inform Pa Laide's Her son has been "very determined clinically dead." Pa Laide's son do not want to turn off the respirator, the Pa Laide go to a local university hospital; Pa Laide where he received the scan showed she still signs of life, not brain dead.

true religion outletPa Laide in the hospital by telephone in a telephone interview that their present are extremely tired, she said: "I only remember playing the anti-vomiting after the needles begin to feel uncomfortable. I have not completely clear what exactly happened However, certain is that my three sons were terrified. "

true religion outletThe right bank of Bordeaux, said the private hospital director Yi Funuo Pa Laide's back to life about a "miracle." He insisted that the doctor responsible for Pa Laide did succeed in rescuing the patient's life saved, so communication is not committed by medical errors. Pa Laide hospital management recommendations and their families to meet with the responsible medical team to find out what had "communication problems."


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