Childhood experience is the factor of marriage

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Childhood experience is the factor of marriage Empty Childhood experience is the factor of marriage

Post  cy7891 on Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:44 am

louis vuitton outletJapan Record Japan News Network October 16 published an article published a "National Youth Education Agency of Japan," the survey report, the report shows the nature of the experience of childhood experience, help with household chores are more likely to experience a rich married In other words, married his childhood life experiences made a "foreshadowing." The article said that investigations revealed that the rich experience of nature and experience of people such as etiquette, parenting awareness is relatively high. Expert analysis pointed out that "childhood life experiences broaden its future path in life, can grow to be heterosexual love, the person with charisma."

louis vuitton outlet National Youth Education Agency in November 2009 to 20 to 60 thousand men and women ages 5 conducted a survey of the object. Childhood often do under the "catch butterflies, dragonflies and other insects," "help clean up the dishes" and "bullying," and so 30 projects, whether in accordance with their experience, how much experience the subjects were divided into more general experience, experience less of the three groups. More experienced team who have been married 68.5%, 67.7% experienced team in general, less experienced teams a minimum of 58.8%. The object of the investigation, the "family of a child," the proportion were: 63.4% experienced team and more experienced team in general 61.4%, 51.8% experienced a small group.

true religion outletThe article also pointed out that childhood experiences affect not only the relationship with the opposite sex, but also with its own etiquette, education has a deep relationship. Which in the "awareness of cultural behaviors and norms," the ratio of height were: number of groups experienced 54%, 34.1% experienced team in general, less experienced group was only 17.5. The article also quoted the Chiba University in Japan to be Professor of Akashi said, "childhood through a variety of life experiences that can enrich their minds, learn to deal with interpersonal relationships. Because the knowledge of social etiquette and norms, naturally, be favor of the opposite sex. "


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