Experts advise against blindness control of staring at my computer

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Experts advise against blindness control of staring at my computer Empty Experts advise against blindness control of staring at my computer

Post  cy7891 on Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:28 pm

louis vuitton bagsEye Institute of WHO WHO :2006-2008 PC release of radiation caused more than 30,000 people each year blind, and issued an orange alert at the end of 2009: "computer radiation on the human potential will far exceed the implicit threat of Sudan, melamine, SASI, H1N1 destructive, virtually swallowed the eyes of man. "

"Computer use too much, really would have an impact on the eyes. Such as is always staring at a computer, television screen, the eyes blink less than usual number of necessary, but has blinking eyes, eye protection features to make room to penetrate the water evenly in the eye around the room to avoid the blocked circulation, resulting in increased intraocular pressure of the situation, if the eyes are always motionless staring at the screen, blink is reduced, which makes eye fatigue, dry.

The distance the computer screen, the font size will affect the human eye, the computer screen if too close will result in video terminal syndrome; screen is not too bright or too dark line would glare too bright, too dark will make eyes fatigue, so the screen should be transferred to an appropriate level. "

tiffany jewelryHe believes that the proper use of the computer, first computer to control the time nice to see an hour after the rest a few minutes; followed by the computer screen should be placed under the eye sight. "If the computer is on the head, the eyes should be wide open than in the larger view below; If the computer is on the line of sight under the eyes of most of the eyelid to be covered, to see from the screen to not be so tired, and the eyes suffered radiation is also small; Moreover, watching the computer screen should not be too concentrated, you can always blinked protective effect on the eye. "


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