Scientists say the ancient no cancer

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Scientists say the ancient no cancer Empty Scientists say the ancient no cancer

Post  cy7891 on Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:39 am

louis vuitton bagsThrough the mummy of ancient Egypt and South America to study, scientists found that cancer is not a "natural" is merely "artificial." Erosion of the modern way of life, increasing pollution levels, and unhealthy eating habits are a hotbed of cancer generated.

Study found that since the 18th century industrial revolution, humans began to rapidly rising mortality rate, especially children, the proportion of cancer. Britain alone, the annual cancer deaths as many as 15 million.

University of Manchester, Department of Life Sciences Professor Rosalie David Egyptian Archaeology said: "In industrialized countries, cancer and cardiovascular disease is caused by two major factors of death. But in ancient times, the cancer is very rare. Nature there are no What can cause cancer. We must recognize that cancer is a 'man's' disease. pollution and changes in diet and lifestyle factors that are cause cancer. In other words, cancer is the birth of modern life, a modern disease. "

tiffany jewelryAccording to reports, in order to search for the source of cancer, Professor David and colleagues Michael Qi Moman 3,000 years ago, with hundreds of mummies were studied.

World Cancer Research Fund said Rachel Dr. Tang Musen, the study found was "very interesting."


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