The United States recognizes the Jewish state of Israel

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The United States recognizes the Jewish state of Israel Empty The United States recognizes the Jewish state of Israel

Post  cy7891 on Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:44 am

louis vuitton bags While the Palestinian-Israeli impasse of direct negotiations, the U.S. government officially declared that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. This is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the Palestinian. Because it is the Palestinians and the Arab world strongly oppose.

Direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have stalled, at this critical juncture, the United States once again expressed support for Israel. Reports quoted U.S. State Department spokesman Philip. Crowley's words, "Israel and Palestine serious differences in the settlements, the current issue of direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine has become the key to the continuation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained to us the position in peace talks and requirements, we hope that the Palestinians do the same, as the negotiations continue, the U.S. government prepared to find a feasible solution, In addition, we recognize Israel as Jewish state. "

tiffany jewelryArab News Network commented that the U.S. government recognize Israel as Jewish state, which is a heavy blow to the Palestinian, the Palestinian side believes that recognition of Israel is a Jewish state, it means depriving millions of Palestinian refugees right of return, but also undermine the current Arab Palestinians in Israel's interests. Not only against Palestinians, the Arab world has refused.

Israeli media said Netanyahu's plan at a cabinet meeting the Nationality Law was adopted, and this program provides that any person who wants to obtain Israeli citizenship, have to declare loyalty to a democratic Jewish state of Israel.


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