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Post  cy7891 on Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:47 am

louis vuitton bags You have a reliable phone down suddenly, all the keyboard strike, can not make or receive calls, send and receive text messages can not even shutdown will not work. In desperation, you remove the battery to force shutdown, but it crashes again after rebooting phone. This is clearly no ordinary failure. A few hours later, you find more than your cell phone so that there are hundreds of people just like you, the phone suddenly crash for no reason.

louis vuitton bags This is subjected to a massive hardware might happen after the attack. The attack is the source of increasingly complex integrated circuits, which is a variety of everyday devices rely on the core components. Modern integrated circuits have been very complex for any one team of engineers to design the circuit are not sufficient to understand all the parts. Therefore, the integrated circuit research and development work is now shared by the teams around the world to complete, each team is only responsible for part of the entire design, in the printed circuit board before, and only then integrate the various parts of the design. Circuit complexity is also impossible to determine with the exhaustive method to test it. Any one chip will be encoded latent defect is often a very long time until triggered by some conditions (such as specific data or time) to activate - this is a bit like a Trojan virus, before the attack would have been safely stored in the hardware.

tiffany jewelry Hardware, the physical nature of the attack makes it much better than the potential hazards viruses and other malicious software. Software virus can spread between machines, but in theory, we can from any infected system completely remove them. However, being the computer hardware can not be repaired after the attack, at least not enough, unless the replacement of hardware.

From a software-based attacks, we can see very clearly, even if some people rarely use malicious hacking techniques, will cause great harm. Therefore, we need to consider whether the problem is not hardware attacks will occur, how to attack will be used? Attack steps? Perhaps the most important issue is how to detect and prevent attacks, or at least reduce the losses caused by attacks.


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