08 Thousands of U.S. millionaires nearly 3 dole

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08 Thousands of U.S. millionaires nearly 3 dole Empty 08 Thousands of U.S. millionaires nearly 3 dole

Post  cy7891 on Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:40 am

louis vuitton bags news)U.S. economy started to decline in 2008, millions of Americans need to rely on unemployment benefits live on. However, the latest official U.S. data showed that nearly 3,000 millionaires also received in 2008 the government dole.

According to the U.S. Revenue Service data shows that 2840 households in 2008 reported at least 100 million dollars in revenue, but from the pockets to receive the total amount of $ 18,600,000 in benefits. In which the income of more than 2 806 million, and another 17 were more than 1 million dollars of income. Together, these millionaires received 520 million dollars in unemployment benefits. Which can only be a fraction. In 2008, 9.5 million taxpayers 437 billion dollars received unemployment benefits, in 2007, only 760 million people receiving 29.4 billion U.S. dollars. In response, economists have surprised and puzzled, the median income of up to 7 millionaires need government assistance.

tiffany jewelry)However, scholars have given different answers. American Enterprise Institute scholar Alan Viard said: "Although the figures are more than I expected. But the people of any income level will be thrown into work.", And explained the cause of the first 26 weeks of benefits by the state government out. Nationally, the average amount of benefits 300 dollars a week. Because unemployment benefits are insurance funded by employers, and social welfare so different. Millionaire losing his job as a holder of factory workers and restaurant waiters to be enjoyed.


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