Suffering from headache "drink" their brain fluid to relieve symptoms

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Suffering from headache "drink" their brain fluid to relieve symptoms Empty Suffering from headache "drink" their brain fluid to relieve symptoms

Post  cy7891 on Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:55 am

louis vuitton bags news)A 17-year-old British girl got a strange disease of the brain, causing her migraine headaches every day, the worst case, with vomiting, blurred vision, the doctor did a brain catheter after the surgery, so that every day she can "drink" condition under their brains slow down.

17-year-old girl Melissa. Peacock grew up suffering from "hypertension within the skull," a brain disease, spinal fluid will make too much of obstruction in her skull, and the constant impact of the brain, making her appear migraine and other symptoms, severe pain they can not even get out of bed, vomiting, blurred vision and other issues.

To remove these brain fluid, Melissa grew up done 9 craniotomy, but in the end are a temporary solution, so that she can not live a normal life, every day can only stay at home. Once tried to go to the movies with the students, but eventually stumbled on the stairs, nothing to see on into the emergency room.

Undergone multiple operations research, doctors finally came up with a special way, is to implant in her brain, a permanent tube, so that the liquid flow of the brain the stomach, eat something together directly with the digestion, But it also means, Melissa drinking every day to slow down their brain fluid condition.

tiffany jewelry) Melissa pointed out that when the doctor prescribed this treatment program, she stunned the whole, each heard friends think this is strange, "the doctor asked me to digest my brain fluid every day, but in order to make the quality of life better, want me to do anything, because it is impossible for anyone to endure headaches, so I agreed to surgery. "


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