1431 million barrels of Iraqi oil in the world and the second

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1431 million barrels of Iraqi oil in the world and the second Empty 1431 million barrels of Iraqi oil in the world and the second

Post  cy7891 on Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:51 am

louis vuitton bags news)Iraqi Oil Minister Shahristani 4 that Iraq has proven oil reserves of 1,150 billion barrels from the previous rose to 1431 billion barrels, ranking second worldwide.

gucci shoes news) Shahristani held the same day a press conference in Baghdad, said: "Iraq currently recoverable reserves of 1431 billion barrels of oil." He said the latest statistics on oil reserves, Iraq's Oil Ministry, together with some international oil companies joint exploration of the findings, but there are some areas in Iraq, oil exploration has not been, so the figures are not final.

Gucci flat shoes news)He also said that Iraq has seven super-large oil field, oil reserves of 50 billion barrels each above the 7 super oil fields are located in the 5 in the southern Basra province. The number after the release of new reserves, Iraq's proven oil reserves jumped to the world, second only to Saudi Arabia. Earlier, Iraq's proven oil reserves of about 1150 billion barrels, accounting for 10% of total global reserves, second only to Saudi Arabia and Iran, ranking third in the world.

tiffany jewelry) Iraq's oil export revenues in the state 95% of total fiscal revenue, oil revenue is the country's economic development, post-war reconstruction of an important source of funds required, in recent years, the Iraqi Government has been trying to increase oil exports to increase its oil revenue. June 2009 and 12 months, Iraq has held two rounds of bidding activities of foreign oil field development, with several foreign energy companies signed 10 oil field development services contract. Iraq planned for the coming 6-7 years, its oil output from the current 250 million barrels to 1,200 barrels per day.


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