Nobel Prize nomination: 50 years to know the truth

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Nobel Prize nomination: 50 years to know the truth Empty Nobel Prize nomination: 50 years to know the truth

Post  cy7891 on Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:15 am

louis vuitton bags news)If someone claims to the Nobel Prize nomination that year, then to verify the authenticity of the claim, need to wait 50 years. From the beginning of October 4 about a week, the 2010 Nobel Prize winners of each award will come announced. Be announced at the Awards on the occasion, the Nobel Foundation issued a statement again, reiterated the 50-year award nominations confidentiality rules.

gucci shoes news) Nobel Prize represents the highest honor in related fields, it is therefore very strict review process. So, how Nobel Prize winners released it? According to Nobel Prize founder of the will, the whole process in the Nobel Prize, the winner without any nationality, ethnic, ideological and religious influences, the only criterion for selection is the achievements.

Gucci flat shoes news) September each year, physics, chemistry, and several different professions around the world, the Nobel Committee to thousands of independent persons (with certain qualifications of the scholars, scientists, etc.) the invitation, asking them to think that next year is expected to recommend their Nobel Prize candidate. Since many people often choose the same person independent of each year there will only be 200 to 300 were eventually nominated.

tiffany jewelry)List of candidates early in the second year must be submitted to the Nobel committee of different professions. The Committee awards under the assistance of experts to assess the nominations received. To go through the primaries, check and other layers of the selection, the Committee to complete the selection of candidates. Then, the Commission will submit proposals to the appropriate awards bodies, the institutions through voting for the final award winners. After the polls close in October each year, immediately announced the winners. According to the Nobel Foundation's latest announcement, the Nobel Prize in 2010 to determine the total number of nominations to 237.


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