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Post  cy7891 on Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:09 pm

Women phobia

louis vuitton bags news), 27-year-old British man Neil is not the case once more - 27 years, as long as he will begin to see the girl nervous, dizzy or even insanity, into extreme anxiety. British media September 23, 2009 reported that Neil called the world's "most painful man," suffering "woman-phobia," he did not even girls who held hands, but do not expect, like people fall in love with the girl as love.

gucci shoes news) It is reported that in ordinary work, Neil, and normal and no different. However, as long as Neil and the young girl a contact, the disease will immediately attack him miserable. "I have tried to make life difficult for would like it, and pretend in the most normal tone and the girls exchange, but still to no avail. Dizziness and the feeling of fear will be directly into my brain, I can not control it." Neil said in an interview When that pain.

Mud phobia

Gucci flat shoes news) Yorkshire one called "Cinderella" of the pig may be the world's first pig head with obsessive disorder since birth, it has been refused and the brothers and sisters playing in the mud. Custom-made for it until the owner of the four little boots, it was finally agreed and mud close.

Fear Button

tiffany jewelry)Waterlooville, Hampshire UK in 22-year-old girl Gillian Lam Hopkins with a rare "button phobia", she is like to see any button to see the same fear of cockroaches. According to Gillian said that she was 7 years old buttons aware of their fear, because since then, she has refused to wear uniforms with buttons. Gillian said: "For me, the touch buttons, touch a cockroach as horrible as I feel they are dirty and filthy."


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