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Post  cy7891 on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:37 pm

louis vuitton bags news) In today's rapidly developing society, afraid of heights, fear of snakes, ghosts have been nothing remarkable, and

Modern society, millions of people suffering from an unknown "phobia" for the community through

Disease, has announced the U.S. site in the top ten super weird phobia list, many of whom are students

Live in will be exposed to everyday, is really the "super-strange."

One. Afraid to take a bath (Ablutophobia): Among them, the majority women and children.

II. Afraid of purple (Porphyrophobia): Although each person is different favorite color

However, for those afraid of a certain color is really rare.

III. Fear of the chin (Geniophobia): reported that fear of the chin are usually also afraid

Distressed look in the mirror, because as long as the mirror to see your chin will always be so afraid of the chin

In panic.

IV. Afraid to look in the mirror (Eisoptrophobia): In response to that fear, some scholars point out

Occur in young women than men; modern women focus on appearance, looks as if that person will be on

A sense of fear in the mirror.

Five. Fear of being tickled (Pteronophobia): modern hate physically contact, not

Said to be close itching more than feared the move would.

VI. Fear of paper (Papyophobia): Anxiety is a common problem for modern people, including fear of paper

Zhang said the patients, the friction of paper or paper touch the sound, will make them feel abnormal


LV Monogram Multicolore news)VII. Afraid of his name (Nomatophobia): As the new generation of parents often give their children

"Strange" name, such as pizza (Pizza), Highway (Road), etc., so that children shy from

I introduced, thereby creating a phobia name.


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