Most schools in the British genius

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Most schools in the British genius Empty Most schools in the British genius

Post  cy7891 on Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:28 pm

gucci shoes news)A school in the United Kingdom 80 students recently accepted a collective IQ test showed that as much as 32 school

IQ of more than 148 students, to join the "top-IQ club Mensa," the strict criteria, of which 8

Student's IQ up to 160 and 161, which almost Einstein's IQ, this school was the British media

Body known as the "school with the most talented."

Gucci flat shoes news)"Top-IQ club Mensa" is launched in the UK, more than 100 countries around the world will have

Members of the Association of IQ as the sole member of the organization qualifications, is their intelligence must be

2% of the population age of the most top-notch person, that is, the conditions for joining Mensa is at least as high as 148 IQ

. British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, the famous 20th century German-American physicist Einstein

Tanzania, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the U.S. are as high as 160 IQ, and most ordinary British

The average IQ is only 100 or so.

King of the highest IQ of school students is 16-year-old Edward Roberts, 161 points in IQ among the list

First, Einstein and Stephen Hawking's IQ than the much higher one point. Edward is reading the "quasi-high level" test

Test courses, including music, French, biology and chemistry. Edward said: "Although I hope to join 'the door

Sa 'club, but the test results so good I think. My friend joked with me love:

'Oh, you're a genius! 'After leaving school, I want to do research, I may be engaged in medical

tiffany jewelryWork or a musician, at least for now, I still can not determine their own future. "


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